Jacket Coupling

JQ shape-clamping coupling working through two cut clamps along axis direction , through clamping bolt to achieve the two-axis coupling, the coupling halves by friction between the surface transmitting torque, the use of flat keys for auxiliary connection.

1. Clamp coupling no need make axis move when installing and dismantling , dual chamber rigid coupling screws are pros and cons installed, can maintain homeostasis .

2. The disadvantage of clamp coupling are the two axis have a low accuracy , complex structure and shape , the lower accuracy and manufacture balance , this is only applicable to the case of low and steady loads, the coupling does not have an axial, radial performance and compensation of angular

3. The raw materials is cast iron, carbon steel, stainless steel with different type and module, you can choose according to different working conditions .

4. Clamp coupling housing have a plurality of blades branch, due to the elasticity has a buffer and damping effect, so there is a strong vibration in many occasions. Small radial dimension with the complex appearance, production costs is relatively high. Generally used in low speed and kettle often need to dismantle the inner shaft head connection.

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