Rubber Lining Shaft--Precision Production

The selection of impeller’s antisepsis material and making form are confirmed according to characteristics of medium and installation space, the purpose is satisfied by process requirement of mixing container and installation requirements.

Antisepsis Materials

1. Steel rubber lined
The type of rubber was confirmed by characteristic of the medium, working temperature, percentage of solid materials and so on.
Before rubber lining, please remove the rust of agitating shaft and impeller, and lined higher viscous nature hard rubber after sandblasting, and outside rubber you can choose common natural rubber or better wear-resisting rubber such asbrominated butyl rubber, or EPDM with good thermostability function, then vulcanizing in vulcanization container.
Also we can also simulate in experiment for medium corrosion resisting test and glue preparation.
Ensure the thickness of rubber by customers requirements and medium property.

2. Steel plastic lined , plastic blasting , plastic covering .
Common used plastics ; PP, PE and PTFE.

3. Steel Glass fiber reinforced plastics lined

Making Form

1. Whole Anticorrosive Treatment
Suit for opening agitators or the situation of installing whole machinery .

2. Anticorrosive Treatment of Removable impellers
Suit for the situation which can’t install whole machinery.
Anticorrosive treatment for shaft and impeller, connected by screw bolts and added a pad on the soft-hard interface to increase the area of thrust surface and extend the using life of anticorrosion.


Quality control : ISO9001

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