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"OUMI" Desire: Driving Dream, Mixing Future, Dense Wonderful Life
"OUMI" Mission: For a better mixing……
"OUMI" Value: Be a Honest Person, Do Credit Business

Be a Honest Person---Loyal, Sincere, be a benefit person to society and human beings.
Do Credit Business---Honesty, do something to improve our life and environment.
"OUMI" Team: Same Goal, Core leader, Rigorous Plans, Labour Division Effective Communicating, Process Controlling.

OUMI Machinery are always carrying out a strict work process from the beginning, each of production process are checked strictly according to quality standard----ISO9001

8 years since OUMI was built, OUMI are always paying attention to training of workers', and OUMI are cooperating with Jucheng Training Group, Shengjing Wanglian Training Group, Sanren Consult Training, China NLP wisdom Academy and so on, OUMI staffs need took part in many training no matter it was inside training or outside training. They can learn a lot from every training, OUMI carrying out 531 Training system, this asked the staff to fulfil training details, workers together with OUMI both improving.

OUMI Machinery with purpose of enriching worker’s life, we founded a multiple culture, OUMI organized big conference event every year when important festival arriving, such as Middle-Autumn Day, Spring Festival, National holiday, they dancing, celebrating and saying wishes to colleagues.

Entrainment Life
OUMI Machinery Purchased basketball, billiards, badminton and so on, the workers can relax in their spare time. Besides, OUMI will buy a birthday cake for every worker on their birthday, the workers share his or her happiness after they received their birthday presents. OUMI also advocate filial piety culture, in some of OUMI activities that staff’s parents will participate in and witness their children’ achievements and developments. OUMI always gave a surprise to workers on some of festivals , for example, Women’s Day of this year, all women in OUMI received a rose and a hug, what they felt were happiness and warmness.

OUMI Machinery being grateful to support of society, so OUMI makes slender contribute to developing of society every year, when Wenchuan earthquake, OUMI donate money to Wenchuan and organize a donation activity; OUMI also often go to nursing house and orphanage , to do something for old peoples and children .

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