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"OUMI Machinery" founded in 2006, and OUMI Machinery technician started to service impeller and reducer industries since from 1998.

Shandong OUMI Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd are engaged in developing, designing and producing of driving machinery, mixing device, reacting equipment, mixing equipment and normal pressure container, at the same time OUMI Machinery can provide services of processing experiment, installation, as well as adjusting.

OUMI Machinery have accumulated a rich basic process experiments in different industries, including metallurgy project, food project, medicine project, chemical projects, environment protection project, oil chemical project and so on, OUMI Machinery got high praise from clients, they all said OUMI Machinery agitators saving energy and having a long working life.

OUMI Machinery have a professional team who engaged in developing, designing, producing mixer equipment and dispersed for many years, besides, there are also a group of consultants who engaged in developing, designing, producing mixer equipment and dispersed for many years, including chemistry projects, chemical process, mechanical and electrical engineer, chemical machinery, hydrodynamics, mechanics of materials and so on. OUMI Machinery regard technology as developing arteries of enterprise, have a worldwide sales net, guarantee the services in pre-sale, on sale, and after sale to clients.

OUMI Machinery promises to give you satisfied services as long as you provide your basic data to us.
OUMI Machinery would like to hand with different industries to create a great business in together.

OUMI Machinery developing history
Year of 2006--"Shandong OUMI Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd" founded, OUMI Machinery office website finished.
Year of 2007--Application for registration of OUMI brand and OUMI logo
Passed ISO9001 quality control system certification.

Year of 2008--Get "Credible Enterprise" honour.
Get "High-tech Enterprise" honour.
Dispersed equipment "high efficiency thickener" successfully researched and marketed.
Applied 5 national patents,

Year of 2009--Talent storing project implementation, get training cooperation with "Anran consulting", "Shengjing Net", "Jucheng Group". Operating ERP management system, and "OA" processing management at the same time, carried out PMC production planning, in October of 2009, production capacity reached 460 sets in one month, created a best production achievements since OUMI Machinery founded, OUMI's managing level also improved.
Year of 2011--"OUMI Machinery" built a 30000 squares factory in Dezhou High-speed Rail District and came to use.

Get "National High-tech Enterprise" honour.
OUMI Machinery and Hebei Technology University organized a "OUMI mixer R&D center lab" and came to use, this greatly improved OUMI Machinery technologies.
Brand "OUMI" and Logo were successfully registered.

Year of 2012--OUMI Machinery brought in "Inovation Drive Development" strategic planning, Gradually promote the transformation of business models, and product innovation.

Got local "Advanced tax units" houour.
Established international import department, the products start shipping to all over the world.

OUMI machinery made great achievements and progress in process of the development, now the company is planning for "listed" work, after the listing of companies will be able to provide better serve to customers, but also bring a broader development prospects for enterprises.

Now, in order to serve more customers, and to better serve our customers, we are seek for global cooperation, we are willing to co-development with global friends
1.Service to high-tech enterprises of fluid industries are the most popular partners for us, we are willing to develop the mixing business together with you, we can have technical cooperation, information cooperation, service cooperation and so on businesses, we also would like to have a deep Equity cooperation if we have a prospect cooperation.
2. Agent cooperation: Our welcome business partners are mechatronics agency and engineering services company from all over the world, we can cooperate together with you for a broader business area and provide to you and your customer the highest cost-effective agitators in the world.

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