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Horizontal crystallization machine is crystallization equipment with horizontal installed helical ribbon agitator, installing scraping device on head surface and both sides have mechanical seals.

1. Gearing device connect with tank directly, compact structure, high transfer efficiency and running smooth .
2. Reliable special mechanical seal , well sealed and low failure rate .
3. Small gap between helical belt and barrel, mixing uniformity, no caking phenomenon in crystallization machine .
4. Inner barrel are made by stainless steel structure, turbidity preventive, smooth and easy cleaning after polishing .
5. Helical agitator can discharge medium to outlet direction, convenient to unload materials.
6. Low working speed, control the speed by frequency conversion and can try different crystallization requirements .


Crystallization of glucose liquid.
Crystallization of monosodium glutamate, xylopyranose and xylitol
Crystallization of salts industries, as well as other chemical products .

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