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"OUMI Machinery" founded in 2006, and our technician start to service impellers and reducers industries since from 1998
OUMI Machinery have accumulated a rich basic process experiments in different industries, including metallurgy project, food project, medicine project, chemical projects, environment protection project, oil chemical project and so on, OUMI Machinery got high praise from clients, they all said OUMI Machinery agitators saving energy and having a long working life.

  • Shandong OUMI Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd

    OUMI Machinery service to world wild clients, mainly are chemical industry, water and waste ...

  • Visit and Sign Contract

    Domestic and Abroad clients visited OUMI Machinery factory, and detailed ask about the...

  • Project Agreement

    After sales engineers and design engineers discussed, preparatory program was finished...

  • Machining

    OUMI Machinery own CDZ6140 lathe machinery, CW6263E machinery, XA5032 vertical milling...

  • Accessories and End products Checking

    Test processes of drive shaft, flange and so on accessories of agitator, end products checking.

  • OUMI Training

    OUMI Machinery organized internal team training and process management training in regular time...

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