Plantary Gear Reducer

Gear units divided into gear reducer, cycloid reducer and belt reducer, please choose by  your requirements.

1. High transfer efficiency, noise less than 85 db, loading coefficient more than 1.6, working steady and reliable .

2. Gear and axis gear are all adopted modular design, after carburizing and quenching and shot peening treatment, their load capacity increased, noise decreased and using life lengthened.

3. Applied with high quality bearing , can continuous working 60,000 hours .

4. The tank was deigned by finite element method for better structure rigidity , sound absorption and shock absorption.

5. Before leaving the factory, check air tightness property through increase pressure for 100% products, guarantee oil-proof function.


Lectotype Choosing:

1. Gear Reducer are divided into R, K, F, S four series and hardened gear reducer
1)R series reducer is solid shaft out-put device and installed vertically or horizontally, it applied in all common conditions widely and run reliably.
2)K series reducer is designed for rectangular axis, which decreased installation height and applied for conditions with limited upper installation space.
3)F series reducer is parallel axes designed with compacted structure and hollow axis out-put.
4)Hardened gear reducer suit for high power consumption working conditions, whose loading coefficient can be more than 2.0 and it was vertical axis or parallel axis designed.

2. The speed ratio of cycloid reducer is bigger and the volume of cycloid reducer is smaller than the same power, lower cost and reliable working.

3. Belt reducer can work separately or combine with other reducers, simplified structure and steady operating, it can protect motor when overloading .

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