Asymmetrical Parabole Disc Turbine-Detachable

Impeller property: usually made by combined blades.

On top of impeller is installed defoaming impeller blades which continued to destroy generated bubbles and effectively control the increase of bubble by the girds or air holes on the blade for the machine work will produce lots of bubbles.
Main mixing axis chosen-runoff combination blade is a better choice, which can be achieving both macro and micro flow stream. I.e., the combination of larger blade axial flow & shear and larger blades with dispersing ability allows the combined gas evenly distributed in the stirred tank and shorten the mixing time.

The axial circulation of upper agitator can brought gas back to axial flowing central agitator many times and then the gas was sent back to the bottom of the agitator by the above axial agitator and dispersed again. When the gas reciprocated up and down in the tank several times, it increase the gas-liquid mass transferring time, at the same time, and achieve the gas-rich region, coincide eutrophic areas and rich flora area coincided to eliminate the flowing dead zone in tank and accelerate the speed of gas consumption.

Production characteristics: First use the special mould to cut material, then punching impeller to be shaped with special welding mould, next welding on wheel boss, and making dynamic balance experiment at last.

Application: suit for operating of aerobic fermenter and oxygen-free fermenter for strong mixing and high operating speed.

Ways of connecting with shaft: wheel boss form, hold hooping form and so on.

Materials selection: stainless steel and so on .



Suit for operating of aerobic fermenter and oxygen-free fermenter for strong mixing and high operating speed.


Quality control : ISO9001

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