CZJ Type Agitator Special-Used Right Angle Shaft Reducer

The gasket ring of out-put shaft will aging or wear out after used 18 months, so the universal vertical reducer matched with agitators occurred oil leaking, stopped the agitators and changed a new one would effect the production.

In food industry, medicine industry, bio-chemical industry which have high requirement industries, oil leaking will serious effected products quality,  there will also have safety hidden in flammables and explosives working field. 

In consideration of above conditions, OUMI designed a special used vertical reducer for customer, absolutely oil proof, this product got approve from majority of customers, because of solving client’s problems completely.

Structure characteristics of the oil proof reducer:
1.The sealing in output shaft adopted dry well type sealing, insulated the touching between output shaft and lubricating oil.
2.Reducer box adopted fully sealing design
3. Reducer lubricating system adopted splashing lubricating way, no need lubricating with additional oil pump.
4. Enlarge gear type of output shaft, so can bear bigger radial force and axial force.
5. The reducer can hung up on the mixing shaft directly, cancel coulpling.
6. Reducer’s input shaft and output shaft can be parallel type( P type ) or vertical type ( V type )


This reducer have a wide application, especially on agitators which applied in chemical industry, medicine industry, bio-chemical industry, metallurgy and so on industries.
Common used power range : 0.25kw—280kw
Common used output turns : 4rpm—360rpm
OUMI also can provide non-standard design for you if you have special requirements.

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