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Leal engaged in agitator industry for many years, he founded "OUMI Machinery" in 2006, Leal now are general manager of OUMI Machinery. Leal are always doing his best for OUMI’s development and growth.

Leal graduated from Hebei University of Technology in 1998, majored in chemical process. Leal carried his dream away from Hebei hometown and went to Wenzhou, the city which connected closely with world, in this modern city of China, through Leal's hard work, he gradually promoted to technical engineer, sales engineer, and vice general manager, during this time he had been done many big projects, and got a excellent achievements.

OUMI Machinery service to world wild clients, mainly are chemical industry, water and waste water industry, plastic and resin, oil, Pulp and paper, pharmaceutical industry, alumina, electrolytic aluminium, mine smelting and so on .

From the day established, OUMI Machinery founded " Focus" enterprise spirit, focusing on researching of mixing equipment, developing on suitable mixing technology for every industries. So in a few years time, OUMI Machinery provided qualified equipments and technology support for many industries, and approved by exports of mixing industry.

The shape meaning of OUMI logo
The whole logo looks like a mixing reactor, overall circular shape representative a circular tank, inside of logo are a rotating paddle which mixing the medium, the middle circular column stands for a mixing shaft. This logo also show that OUMI Machinery focus on R&D of agitators.

The central red circular column stands for "OUMI machinery" focused single-minded spirit; the middle part of the three blades represented all OUMI Machinery and OUMI friends, pooling wisdom of the crowd to "OUMI mechanical" platform together to create "OUMI" blender of the brand, it will be able to become a world's top agitator industry service providers.

Enterprise idea introduction
OUMI value-view: be a honest man, do honest business.
Be a honest man--Be a Beneficial to human being and society . Do honest business--Do good to improve environment and life.

"OUMI Machinery" Embassy: For a better mixing.
In order to satisfy the requirement of client we provided our equipment and service to them, to find a better mixing solution, to help customers realize the process of material between the better dissolve effect.

Established the company, the purpose is to provide an environment and platform, dissolve the relatives, colleagues, friends, customers, let more people who mutual cooperation, mutual learning, mutual phase dissolution process of entrepreneurship.

Drive the dream: "OUMI" motivated dreams of all staffs, OUMI Machinery are trying to achieve "OUMI" dream bigger and stronger, the staffs and the company work hard in together to achieve this dreams, and to achieve mixing dream step by step!

Mixing future: the future of the company are to achieve OUMI’s prosperous and developed road, the future is to create global mixing dream, mix all the wisdom of the people, and to a brilliant future!

Wonderful life: Every life have many roads, many directions, but wonderful life only through concentrate, professional, dedicated can life be more exciting, "OUMI" focus on mixing precipitation career, to achieve the bright future!

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