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OUMI Machinery established research & development center in 2008, and be certified as high-tech enterprise by our country in 2011.

Our R&D center pays great attention to actual engineering application, OUMI developed its own special-used mixing technology rely on basic theory of multi-directional flow laboratory of Hebei University of Technology, and compared world advanced stirring experiences with our own stirring service experiences to service for variety of industries.

The advantages of OUMI Machinery agitators: energy-saving, qualified products with affordable price, simple structure and durable equipment.

If you want to improve your stirring effect, please send material samples to us,we can achieve stirring process analysis with process test tank, after getting appropriate data, we will promote design plan further and satisfy customers' engineering application.

With professional technology and R&D team,Engineer and sale representatives of OUMI can provide series of machinery and chemical engineering cases to analysis the customers requirements for fluid flowing.

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