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"OUMI Machinery" founded in 2006, and OUMI Machinery technicians have engaged in impellers and reducers industries almost 20 years.

Shandong OUMI Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd are engaged in developing, designing and producing of driving machinery, mixing device, reacting equipment, mixing equipment and normal pressure container, at the same time OUMI Machinery can provide services of processing experiment, installation, as well as adjusting.

OUMI Machinery have accumulated a rich basic process experiments in different industries, including metallurgy project, food project, medicine project, chemical projects, environment protection project, oil chemical project and so on, OUMI Machinery got high praise from clients, they all said OUMI agitators saving energy and having a long working life.

OUMI machinery made great achievements and progress in process of the development, now the company is planning for "listed" work, after the listing of companies will be able to provide better serve to customers, but also bring a broader development prospects for enterprises.

Now, in order to serve more customers, and to better serve our customers, we are seek for global cooperation, we are willing to co-development with global friends

1.Service to high-tech enterprises of fluid industries are the most popular partners for us, we are willing to develop the mixing business together with you, we can have technical cooperation, information ooperation, service cooperation and so on businesses, we also would like to have a deep Equity cooperation if we have a prospect cooperation.

2.Agent cooperation: Our welcome business partners are mechatronics agency and engineering services company from all over the world, we can cooperate together for a broader business area and provide to you and your customer the highest cost-effective agitators in the world. According to the business situation of agents, agencies may be authorized in accordance with the industry or region, and the company can recommend clients or projects to the agent, then we can have a deep negotiations.

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