Double Speed Mixing Thickener

Thickener is the equipment which can divided solid phase and liquid phase mixtures according to different gravity-flowing, the principle of the thickener is putting mud type materials to tank and deposited, after absorbing materials to the center by the rotating harrow and then discharged through outlet at the bottom of tank. Our thickener,  which is jointly researched and made by our company and related design academy, are widely applied in different industries and awarded several national patents.

Structure characteristics :

1. Driving system support single point driving to four point driving, with large transmission torsion torque and high transfer efficiency, and can match scraper device automatically.

2. Adopt heavy load pivoting support, immersion oil to make it lubricating, steady operating and low noise.

3. Hollow shaft design , low cost, long life span and low failure rate.

4. Triangle harrow shelf designing to make it firmly and stably, under load scraping mud torque.

5. Helix scraper arrangement, combining the design with two long harrows and two short harrows , make the scraping thoroughly .

6. The machine was equipped PLC auto-control system in electrical controlling side. By online checking of torque sensor, the device can automatically control harrow to the requirements by itself , at the same time it can use DCS centralized-control system to make remote controlling. It can also changed to manual operation, easily operate.

7. Equipped with audible and visual alarm, automatically protect devices and guarantee the machine in multi-aspects.

8. In order to satisfy different requests of clients, our company can provide non-standard design projects according to specific conditions .


Sewage disposal
Mineral processing plant
Coal gasification devices

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