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Why does reducer occur oil leakage?

An important indicator to judge reducer performance is oil leakage. According to the site investigation, oil leakage is a very common situation. It makes bad environment pollution, also lose energy.In general, reducer spills oil due mainly to the following aspects:

1.Inside and outside differential pressure
During reducer operation,Due to gear heat,reducer ventilatory will not flow, ventilation is blocked. Once the gas can not be discharged within the deceleration machine properly, it will lead to the temperature rise in reducer.formed transmural pressure in a box. Gear units driven lubricating oil left to the inside walls, the oil from crevice leaks under pressure.

2.Structural design flaws
(1) The entire manufacturing process, the casting box is not subjected to annealing and aging treatment, prone to deformation, gap, leading to leakage of the oil.
(2) Sealing structure design is unreasonable. Role of seal is to prevent leakage, while preventing dust entering inside the box. Due to high-speed rotating shaft, once the dust into the box interior, will make lubricants dirt, accelerate seal wear, failure, resulting in leakage of lubricating oil from the seal ring.
(3) Reducer high speed shaft and low speed shaft and bearing cap concentricity enough, resulting in excessive wear, which is formed due to oil leakage.

3. The amount of oil unreasonable
Reducer during operation, the oil sump large fluctuations,oil will splash within the reducer, if amount of oil too much and oil will gather to seal, the joint surface, etc., resulting in leaks.

4.The repair process errors in the work
Reducer in the repair process, the maintenance staff did not follow the instruction manual reducer equipment maintenance. So that in the junction surface, appear improper sealant selection or damaged seals and other phenomena, this is an important reason to work errors caused by leakage of reducer.

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