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How to improve the efficiency of the thickener?

Thickener mainly used for solid-liquid separation operations such as enrichment and waste water treatment.How to improve the efficiency of the thickener? consider the following four points:

(1)Rational use of flocculants

The flocs size inside thickener determines the settling velocity,It related to flocculant molecular size and add speed.It should be based on the physical and chemical properties of the slurry to choose.

(2)Segmented feed

Feed each chamber separately, may be broken or particles floc re-flocculation. At the same time, an appropriate increase height of the feeding device to directly make pulp flocculated given to the deposition layer,it can increase the fine particles float upward resistance, quality assurance overflow.

(3)Pulp degassing

Pulp contains air, the solid particles floating, foam formation, affecting flocculation. Before adding to the mine tube degassing unit to eliminate air in the pulp can improve flocculation.

(4)Automatic control

Automatic control is controlled by a computer, computer can detect layer thickness and layer interface location clarify concentrated parameters by the instrument,feedback to the automatic control system, it controls discharge pump motor speed to achieve transmission chain, and through the photoelectric signal into data displayed on the computer a meter to monitor and provide manual operation, all parameters are processed by a computer and print.


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