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How to Choose the Side Entry Agitator?

In order to choose a better side entry agitator for the task in question we must define the product we want to work with firstly, its physical and chemical properties and the kind of process to be carried out.

The agitators can perform different kinds of applications including homogenisation, flocculation dispersion or mixing and one model or another should be chosen depending on the product's viscosity, density or volume and on the mix percentages.

All agitator models and mounts have labels indicating the agitator model, reference no., date of manufacture, basic characteristics of the motor or motor reducer, as well as the EC certification of the machine and information on the manufacture.

The OUMI machinery is the professional supplier of various kind of agitators. OUMI regard technology as developing arteries of enterprise, have a worldwide sales net, guarantee the services in pre-sale, on sale, and after sale to clients.

Side Entry Agitators

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