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The maintenance of the side entry agitator

The mixer or agitators equipment is the core product in our company. With the good quality, low price, and fine performance, our products take the leading position in the same industry. More and more user prefer to choose us. Here is the maintenance of the agitators like side entry agitator equipment:

1. The bearing undertake the whole weight of the equipment, so the good lubrication is of great importance to the service life of the bearing. The bearing can effect the equipment’s service life and running rate directly, so the lubrication oil need to be clean and with fine sealing. There are the mainly parts where need the lubrication oil: rolling bearing, all the gears, live bearing and slide flat.

2. The new tyre must be examined frequently because it is easy to be loose.

3. We need to mind whether the part of the equipment is operating normally.

4. When the temperature of the gearing is too high, we need to stop the equipment, find the problem and solve it.


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