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Model selection step of the agitators

The agitators and mixers is the machine which make the liquid and gas forced convection and mixed. Our company mainly supply the agitator machinery, mixers, low viscosity impellers with good quality. Now let talk about the model selection of the agitators.

1. Choosing the agitator/mixer according to the purpose and demand. When we choose the agitators, we need to master the dynamic characteristics and the casual relationship between the flow condition and the purpose of the stirring.

2. Make sure the motor power, mixing speed and diameter of the agitators according to the laboratory facilities and simulation design of the computer.

3. Choose the agitators model according to the motor power, stirring speed and technological conditions. If we choose the reducer as the practical operation torque, then the practical operation torque needs to be less than the torque of hte mixing reducer.

mixing reducer

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